Q. If I miss the deadline to register.  Can I register on-site? 

A. I'm so sorry but we're not taking on-site registration. 

Q. Is there a map of the building?  Yup.  There will be one in your welcome packet.

Q. What is the location of the Conference?

A. Rock of Grace Family Ministries  6745 State Route 5, Kinsman, OH 44428 

Q. What are the nice hotels nearby? 

A. So we can't say they're nearby; our church is in the beautiful farm town of Kinsman... rural NE OH.  That said, there are many great hotels like Holiday Inn, Fairfield Inn and now 3 more new hotels all in the Eastwood Mall complex on Route 46 in Niles, OH just 22 minutes away.  We also have some great AirBnB places near the church!  Here's the link.  Some of these places even sleep 9, 10 people so you could bring your whole worship team potentially and stay at one house! 

Q. What is the Schedule?  Doors open @ 9:00am. Conference concludes @ 6:30pm  See Schedule Page

Q. Is lunch included? 

A. Yes!  We will have a boxed lunch from Chic-fil-A. 

Q. What is a mixolidian scale? 

A. We don't know.  But I'm sure it's awesome!  Although could be problematic in a worship environment.  

Q. What are your beliefs? 

A. We believe the Bible ... like... the whole thing. 

Q. What if I'm not on a worship team, can I still come?  

A. Sure!  You may simply want to deepen your understanding of worship and maybe you want to be on a worship team in the future, that's cool!  Join us!  

Q. Will there be childcare? 

A. No, I'm sorry.  All children left unattended will be given an espresso and a puppy.  Better find a sitter.  

Q. Will there be breakfast?

A. Kinda.  We'll have coffee and lite breakfast items like muffins available at 9am.  We'd love for you to come and meet other worshipers! 

Q. Will there be dinner provided.

A. No.  Dinner will be on your own at the conclusion of the conference at 6:30.  Snacks will be available at about 4:00 pm to tide you over! 

Dinner Options for after the Conference:

About 12 Minutes: City Cortland has McDonalds, BK, Subway, Beef O Bradys (very good) Italian Place call Vasillios (behind Walgreens)  DRIVE: Take a right out of the parking lot and follow Route 5 West and you'll run right into it. 

About 22 Minutes: City of Niles has MANY great options in and around Eastwood Mall Complex such as O Charley's, Applebees, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, Wendy's, Olive Garden, Hot Head Burritos, Panera Bread and more.                                                                   DRIVE: Take a right out of the parking lot and follow Route 5 West - travel about 6 miles.  Jump on the highway going South on Route 11. Drive about 10 mi.  Exit to the RIGHT on Route 82 West.  Go about 2 mi.  Exit RIGHT down the ramp to Route 46, then turn left.  Drive about 2 miles and you'll begin to see everything.  Turn Right at 422 to get to Panera, Olive Garden, Mexican Restaurant ... 

Q. What will I need to bring? 

A. A pen as many of our workshops will have handouts or an iPad or Laptop if you'd like.  A willing and open heart to receive from the Lord.  Possibly extra cash bc there will be Higher Worship T-Shirts available.  We'd like as many of you walking around like little billboards as possible so this conference can grow every year and become really something amazing.  =)  Plus, they look cool =)