A Map of the Building & Rooms Will Be Given at Check-In

9:00am  COME ON IN

9-9:30 There will be muffins, scones, fruit and coffee for you to enjoy with your new friends in the worship community!  Get to know each other!

9:30 Main session 1

The Conference begins with a time of worship and a message from Jared Ruddy - Room #202 Sanctuary


The 10 Best Exercises for Worship Leaders - Room #202 Sanctuary

Keys in Worship - Room #300

Modern Audio Solutions - Room #401

Genuine Spiritual Worship - Room #409

11:45 WorKshops B

Worship in Unity - Room #202 Sanctuary

Electric Guitar Tips - Room #300

Mixing Monitors for Stage and House - Room #401

12:45 LUNCH 

Chick-fil-A Lunch is included in your registration

1:45 Main session 2

Worship and a message from Jared Ruddy - Room #202 Sanctuary 

3:00 Workshops C

Harmony & Improvisation - Room #202 Sanctuary

Songwriting Review & Critique - Room #300

Microphone Applications for Modern Worship - Room #401

Revival God's Way - Room #409

*Grab a snack as you exit this workshop! 

4:15 Workshops D

5 Steps to Tight Vocals - Room #202 Sanctuary

How to Play by Ear - Room #300

Enter His Gates - Room #409

5:30 Main Session 3 

Worship and a message from Pastor Jordan Biel - Room #202 Sanctuary 


Be sure to visit the booths of our sponsors in between workshops as they are providing what you NEED to grow your worship ministry and make it excellent for the Lord.  Check them all out in the lobby between sessions!