Higher Conference is jam-packed with excellent teachers ready to instruct and inspire you in worship ministry as a whole and specifically in areas that they are gifted in and passionate about.  Below is a list of our speakers and their bios. 

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: pastor jared ruddy 

Pastor Jared Ruddy shares from a heart of passion for Jesus Christ and a love for His people. He's a well sought-after speaker nationwide and he pastors Elim Gospel church in NY.  He loves writing and spending time with his family outside of ministering to God's people.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: pastor Jordan Biel 

Pastor Jordan Biel has been leading worship & preaching for 14 years in hundreds of churches and is Lead Pastor at Rock of Grace.  He's taught worship leaders and teams about the heart of worship and his unique learning tool, The 7 Theory, at National Worship Leaders Conf., Taxi's Road Rally, Ohio Ministry Network Conf. & more.  You'll be blessed by his love for Jesus, his humor & his passion for you walk away with tools in hand. 

"I've used Jordan Biel in both speaking and leading worship roles at Disctrict events and I would definitely use him again!" - Tom Groot National Director of Student Discipleship, AG


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Justin Boyles pastors youth at Abundant Life and is a part of the Lead Team of United Worship.  He carries a passion for the presence of God and the Tabernacle of David.  His heart for revival will stir you to prayer - prayer for revival for your region and our nation.  

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Pastor Ben Rosser 

Pastor Ben Rosser, the Family & Outreach Pastor at Rock of Grace, is passionate about you understanding who are you are in Christ!  He'll be sharing how the people of Israel entered God's presence through worship, what that was like, and what that means for us as New Testament followers of Christ.  His passion for the Word of God and the presence and power of Jesus being manifest in our lives is contagious.  His message will draw you into a greater understanding of what it means to worship Jesus - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  This class is HIGHLY recommended for worship team members who want to understand what "worship" means biblically.  

Doug Gould at Higher Worship Conference

Doug gould

Last year, Doug and Sherri joined us and did an outstanding job.  They'll be presenting NEW classes this year at our workshops.  

In 2009, Doug Gould founded WorshipMD, a consulting firm that helps professional Audio/Video and Music Technology Companies build relationships with the church through education.  He's the bridge between incredible sound equipment companies and your church - he'll inform you of the best equipment possible and give you the best price available.   He and his wife Sheri travel all over the US teaching courses on Sound and Voice.  Anyone attending Doug's 3 classes will benefit in amazing ways!  Your sound at church will be 10X better after hearing his talk!  Your communication and team unity will be 10X better!  Why is this important?  Because God's house should be a place of peace and order, excellence and unity; Doug's classes will give you the tools to develop that! 

Sheri Gould

Sheri Gould

Sheri joined us last year and did an outstanding job last year and is presenting new classes you'll really enjoy!  

Sheri is a graduate of the University of IL.  She has taught voice privately for over 35 years. She has been a worship leader and music director in various churches since 1986.  She was the director of Good News Productions, an evangelistic outreach involving singing, drama & dance and original musicals for 13 years.  She writes for Worship Musician! Magazine and tours the country with her husband teaching and equipping the Body of Christ for music ministry at conferences such as National Worship Leader Conference, Christian Musician Summit, Seminars 4 Worship, Worship Institute Northeast and more.  Check out her work and experience at Facebook.com/OfficialSheriGould and you'll see what I mean.  This class will get your worship team vocals TIGHT! 

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Will Collens 

Will Collens is in full-time ministry not only to lead worship, but also to bring unity to the body of Christ through worship.  United Worship is a ministry aimed at uniting worship leaders and churches through a network of genuine friendship, practical training, Immerse Nights of Worship and more.  His debut album has already made a huge impact in the Kingdom and you can check that out here.  

"United Worship is truly an awesome tool in God's hand!  The heart of worship and praise that the Father seeks is being cultivated wherever God leads Will ... " - Pastor Robinson

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Mark Biel 

Pastor Mark has served as our Pastor at Rock of Grace for over 25 years and brings a wealth of wisdom to the subject of worship.  Don't miss this workshop on "Genuine Worship" if you want to deepen your understanding of the kind of worship God wants.  

You'll also learn "What Every Pastor Wants Their Worship Leader To Know".  This little list will strengthen your bond with your pastor which will result in greater ministry effectiveness.