Our Aim: To Inspire & Instruct Worship Teams

Training Workshops

Higher Conference offers invaluable instruction on how to improve your abilities as a worship leader, a musician, a sound tech, singer or web designer.  Each workshop is an hour long and jam-packed with GREAT advice.  

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Getting honest, valuable feedback on your song is one of the best ways to excel as a song-writer.  Pastor Jordan Biel has been a judge and teacher in the area of songwriting for Fine Arts and other Conferences.  He's written hundreds of songs and has studied it since he was a teen.  He'd love to give you feedback on your song live and you'll get feedback from the class on what was great about your song and what could improve.  All comments will be constructive and kind and helpful for your growth as a songwriter.  *If you attend this workshop, please bring your name on a small piece of paper and drop it in the bowl at the entrance of the room and come prepared to share your 2-4 min. song (nothing longer than 4 min.)  An acoustic guitar and keyboard will  be provided.  

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Revival God's Way 

Pastor Justin Boyles will share his passion for revival and how worship plays a vital role. What was the Tabernacle of David?  Why did God promise through the prophets to rebuild the Tabernacle of David before He comes again to rapture His church?  How can we be apart?  

If you want to hear the heart of God for your team and church and how worship plays a role, don't miss this workshop!!!

Genuine Worship

genuine spiritual worship - by Pastor Mark Biel 

We'll examine the relationship factor in the individual with the Pastoral staff, with the team and with others.  Often great effort is given to tune and to be trained on instruments but if the relationships of the human instruments are not "right" no matter how much is given to the musical training, the efforts will be in vain.  Do you want to move beyond just playing "technically right?"  Then join us!  

Also a brief teaching on "What Every Pastor Wants Their Worship Leader To Know"  

Enter His Gates

Enter his gates

Pastor Ben Rosser will take us into the Word to look at what this phrase really means, the incredible privilege and opportunity it holds.  


Electric Guitar Advice

Electric Guitar Tips 

In this workshop, you'll learn how to play in the pocket so you compliment the lead vocal instead of complicate it.  He'll also cover topics such as voicing, staying in your lane, tone, effects pedals (when, how and why to use them) amps, tricks and tips and more.  Any guitar player in your worship team should come to this class!  

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The 10 Best Exercises for Worship Leaders - By Sheri Gould

Your voice was designed to last you a lifetime - and it can!  Learn the ten best exercises to get you to your best voice everyday.  Join Sheri as she makes reaching your vocal goals seem easy!

Sheri has taught voice for over 35 years.  She's a welcomed teacher at the most notable conferences nationwide such as Nat. Worship Leader Conference and more. 

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Worship IN UNITY - Will collens

Nothing lowers our effectiveness in leading people in worship like division, unresolved conflict or anything that disrupts a sense of unity.  Will Collens from United Worship will share on how to create a culture of unity in your team.  He'll share why it's important, what the Bible says about it and how to ensure you keep it in your team.  This takes constant effort and leadership.  

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Harmony and Improvisation - By Sheri Gould 

Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.  

HC Class Modern Audio Solutions WorshipMD Image

Modern Audio Solutions - By WORSHIPMD

How do our modern digital mixers differ from their older analog ancestors?  What are some of the things that help volunteer audio techs do their job easier and with less frustration?  Why are people intimidated and how to remove that intimidation.  What is networked audio?  You'll learn the advantages of these new boards and complete audio solutions.  

Doug has been teaching sound for decades, a welcomed expert at the most notable audio and worship conferences nationwide.  Any sound tech should DEFINITLEY attend!

Mixing Monitors

mixing monitors for stage & house

It's safe to say that the platform level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix / FOH) in our churches, especially the small to mid sized church.  How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming form the stage so that the congregation and the musicians all hear what they need to hear at an appropriate level?  Floor monitors, wedges, are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to "ring out the monitors" to reduce the possibility of that occurring.  What are the advantages of personal monitors & how do they work?  Tips and techniques to make everyone on stage and in the sanctuary happy. 

Microphone Applications

Microphone applications for modern worship

This is where it all begins in live sound reinforcement.  Limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight to how to choose the right mic and put it in the right place.  You'll learn how to maximize the level of desired sound and reduce the effects of undesired sounds like feedback.  You'll learn tips for vocalists, drums, guitar cabinets choirs and more.  Also you'll learn the "10 Things You Need To Know About Wireless" Doug Gould at WorshipMD is a trusted voice in the world of sound engineering nationwide.  Don't miss this class! 

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how to play by ear - by Jordan biel

Pastor Jordan Biel has taught his unique method of ear training, The 7 Theory, at the National Worship Leader Conferences, at Songwriter Conferences & in many churches.  In one session, you will literally be on track for being able to play by ear.  Why is this important?  God desires worship "in spirit and in truth" Jesus said.  So we see that it's the Holy Spirit that leads worship unto Jesus and being the Spirit is like a wind, it's hard to know where He's going to take us.  Therefore it's imperative that we sharpen our ability to play by ear and play cohesively as a team.  This is what you'll learn to do in this workshop. 

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5 Steps to Tight Vocals - by sheri gould

5 tips designed to help your team get the tight vocals you've always wanted. These tips are simple and so easy to use that you can start with some of them this Sunday!

Keys In Worship

Keys In Worship 

What is the role of keyboard/synth/piano in modern worship music?  What are the various ways to incorporate this ancient and modern instrument into the sonic pallet of the church atmosphere?  This class in designed to encourage and equip keyboard/piano players and worship leaders to better implement keys into their set lists.